Mattress Running

A Mattress Run is a way to maximise a hotel chain’s special offers, achieve a status match, or maintain existing status. This post is a short explanation of how you can use a Mattress Run to your benefit.

Hotel chains typically measure your use of their loyalty programmes in three ways:

  1. Nights: This is how many nights you spend at the hotel, whether in a single stay or multiple stays. For example, Hilton Honors requires 60 nights in order to achieve Hilton Honors Diamond Status.
  2. Stays: This is how many times you check-in to a hotel, regardless of the number of nights you actually stay. Hilton Honors requires 30 stays in order to achieve Hilton Honors Diamond Status.
  3. Points: How many points (usually base points, not bonus points) you earn. Hilton Honours requires 120,000 base points for Diamond status.

It may already be clear that there are some things above that we can work to our advantage. Let’s assume that I need 5 stays in order to achieve a Hilton Honors Points Unlimited Bonus of 10,000 points. Let’s further assume I have two trips of 3 days length coming up in each of the next two weeks. If I make two bookings at, once they are complete I will have 2 stays towards my target of 5 stays. That is great, but I still need to make three more trips in order to hit my target. However, if I am able to split each trip down and stay 1 night at the first hotel, and 2 nights at another hotel I will ultimately end up with 4 stays compared to the original 2 stays.

Note that it is easiest to do this when you have two or more hotels within your destination. Simply making multiple 1-night bookings at the same hotel may not give you the separate stays that are required.

So, the next time you are trying to earn or maintain status, or hit a bonus target, remember to consider a mattress run!


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